22-26 May 2023 Liège (Belgium)


This conference is the 2023 edition of a series of events around numeration systems.

The main topics are gathered around numeration systems and include (but are not limited to) geometrical aspects, dynamical and probabilistic aspects, arithmetical functions, topological aspects, and computer science.

Past editions:

  • "Numeration 2019" in Vienna in July 2019
  • "Numeration 2018" in Paris in May 2018
  • "Numeration 2017" in Rome in June 2017
  • "Numeration 2016" in Prague in May 2016
  • "Numeration 2015" in Nancy in May 2015
  • "Numeration and Substitution 2014" in Debrecen in July 2014
  • "Numeration and Substitution: 2012" in Kyoto in June 2012
  • "Numeration 2011" in Liège in June 2011
  • "Numeration" in Leiden in June 2010
  • "Numeration: Mathematics and Computer Science" in Marseille in March 2009
  • "Journées Numération" in Prague Czech Technical University in May 2008
  • "Journées de Numération" in Graz in April 2007
  • "Journées Numération, Pavages, Substitutions" in Grenoble in March 2005.



The conference will take place at the Mathematics Department of the University of Liège.

Quartier Polytech 1
Institut de mathématique - Bâtiment B37        
Allée de la Découverte, 12
4000 Liège


A limited amount of contributed talks will be accepted (around 30). An abstract of 1-3 pages should be submitted to numeration-2023@sciencesconf.org.

  • Abstract submission : 2023, March 15
  • Notification to authors : 2023, April 5
  • Registration : 2023, May 8
  • Conference : 2023, May 22-26.


Payment and financial support

The registration fees are 50 euros, to be paid electronically on arrival (by credit card or compatible debit card).

Financial support may be asked if needed. This support is mostly intended for non-permanent researchers and, if granted, will pay (partially or totally, depending on the number of demands) for a shared accommodation. To apply for this funding, send an email including a short scientific CV and a short motivation letter before 2023, April 12.


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